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AirBoard AGRO is an industrial #agriculture #drone built for precision agriculture and environmentally responsible farming.

With AIRBOARD AGRO we are introducing the next generation of precision agriculture. Built for pesticide and liquid fertiliser application with a capacity of up to 100 litres it is 50 times faster than manual application at up to 50 ha / hour (123 acres / hour). The drone has no soil compression and using smart GPS routing provides optimised precision with and worker safety. The drone has a default spray system length of 10 meters (32 feet). If necessary we can customise the spray system smaller to suit your needs.

Benefits of using AirBOARD AGRO agriculture drone:
• Reduce costs on human labour, plane, helicopter or tractor equipment
• Increase application efficiency with the 100L liquid tank that is 50 times faster than the traditional tools
• Get insightful data on flight pattern and track harvest changes
• High performance application even after rain in wet soil
• Lower the impact on the environment – the agriculture drone is powered 100% by electricity, can save up to 90% water and 35% pesticide
• Increase yield – small droplet diameter make the chemical more well-distribute and improve the effect

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